Something’s Smoking here at Blackies!


our competition Meadow Creek smoker was custom made for us just two short years ago. in the beginning, as we learned and worked on mastering the art of smoking we used it for small projects and inspiration for weekend features. two years later and that baby is loaded to the gills almost every day of the week with items that are now proudly featured on our menu. our turkey breasts, beef brisket, and pork fill the smoker for hours at a time. they are basted and rotated hourly by trained members of our kitchen crew. we also lightly smoke veggies for various recipes used throughout our menu. our pastry chef has even been known to cold smoke chocolate and other funky dessert components. when you pull into our parking lot and smell the deliciousness in the air….you’ll know we mean business!!

Blackies Ribs Smoking Blackies Chicken Smoking