may’s pick of the litter: joanne aka “mama”

May's Pick of the Litter: Joanne aka "Mama"Let’s get to know a little bit more about her ….

Favorite Menu Item:  Her favorite go-to’s are the Ribeye Steak Sandwich and the Sirloin Salad. Sometimes she switches it up and gets it with salmon!

Favorite Thing About Being Part of The Blackie’s Team: When asked, her eyes well up. As she cries, she first states that she is ecstatic! She goes on to say her favorite part of being on the team is being a part of her daughter Jeanine and Chef Angie’s success.

Favorite Thing To Do Outside Of Work:  Taking care of her “grand-pup” Sophia, cooking and enjoying her beautiful family. 

If You Could Open Up A Blackie’s Anywhere In The United States, Where Would It Be? With Mama’s signature sigh, she said, “I would stay right here.”