blackie’s top dogs for january: diane & jim littlefield

january's top dogs: diane & jim littlefieldLet’s meet the Littlefield’s ….

What are your favorite things about coming to Blackie’s?
Jim: All of the great people!
Diane: Great staff, great food, great owners, great everything!

What are your favorite items to order?
Diane: I love the Mediterranean Salmon plate. The salmon is always excellent here.
Jim: RG’s Brisket and Burnt Ends sandwich. I just ate it!
Diane: We love the wine list too. [Jeanine and Angie] love good wine and it shows. It’s hard to find that in a “tavern.”

How would you describe Blackie’s to a newbie?
Diane: It’s so creative. Give it a chance! It is pub food to whole other level, but it is okay to order here simply too.