blackie’s top dogs for december: the marini family

december's top dogs: the marini family Let’s meet the Marini family ….

What is your favorite things about coming to Blackie’s? 
Jimmy, 10:  “I like how nice the waitresses are and they make me feel famous when we go”
Nick, 7:   “I like how clean the tables are”
Camille, 5:  “I like how silly Angie is and Jeanine has the best clothes and shoes”

What are your favorite items to order?
Jimmy:  “I love the chicken fingers with extra extra extra extra ranch.”
Nick:   “I like the potato chips but LOVE the yummy tacos they had in the summer”
Camille:   “I love the Mac ‘n Cheese, it has the best cheese and so much Mac’n”

How would you describe Blackie’s to a newbie?
Nick:  “Blackie’s is the best place in the Universe”
Jimmy:  “It’s the best thing in the whole Milky Way”
Camille:   “It’s a yummy restaurant that I want to go to every day and all of the girls are so pretty”