Chef Angie debuts her new Spring/Summer menus!

angie-armenisea message from chef angie about the new paleo menu …

in this crazy, high-speed world we live in, sometimes healthier choices lose out to options of convenience. jeanine and i decided months ago that in order to continue to give our best to our patrons, our business and ourselves, we needed to be aware of all of our food choices.  

for those of you who don’t know much about the paleo lifestyle, the premise is simple …. eliminate processed foods, dairy, gluten and complex sugars. eat lean protein, grass fed beef, fish, healthy oils, nuts, a little fruit and go overboard on veggies. as we have maintained this lifestyle (we still indulge here and there and have a cheat meal once a week btw .. !!!), i am constantly asked to put some of these cleaner options on the menu. well, ta da!! here you have it! our gluten free menu is now sharing the stardom with options for our paleo friends as well. we have educated our staff, stocked our pantry with liquid aminos, almond and coconut flours and set out on our merry way to extend what was once our private stash of goodies to you. we are making our own paleo mayo, sriracha sauce and countless other staples and are constantly creating new options that not only taste good, but also make you feel good as well. 

we hope you enjoy our efforts to bring you some clean eating choices that still hold true to the big, bright flavors blackie’s is all about.. …


check out the new spring/summer inner menu and gluten-free / paleo menu on our menus page.