blackie’s monthly bulletin

january 2018

Lifestyle Switcheroo … 
aka Why We Went Paleo

I often wondered what it felt like to be in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, historically different from mine as a chef.  I sporadically worked at it little by little, trying this or that, making new year’s resolutions right along side everyone else. After feeling uncomfortable in my clothes one random day, I decided to give the whole gym rat, healthy mini carrot* eater lifestyle a real shot. I was done and ready to commit to something new.

I set my sights on a gym buddy, because everything seems easier when you have someone to be accountable to. We joined the closest crossfit gym and showed up for classes at least four days a week. Crossfitters by the droves couldn’t stop talking about the paleo diet. Again, that was that. My cheffy juices started flowing, and I was pumped to start testing out recipes and convincing my partner to join me on yet another possible “diet” flop.  
“They” say it takes 21 days for your body to realize a new habit.  After that it’s easier…”they” say.  “They” were astonishingly right.

Three years later, Paleo is no longer a “diet” to me, it is my way of life. It has become the perfect well balanced circle of clean healthy eating, fitness, rest and occasional indulgence. I’m happier, healthier, have all day energy and feel more passionate and creative than ever before. One good habit leads to another, and for me, everything is very well connected.  – – Chef Angie 

*mini bagged carrots are just bigger carrots ground down to nubs.. do yourself a favor and save some dough: buy whole, fresh, top on carrots, peel them and teach yourself to cut sticks

There was no way I could refuse Angie’s request for a new lifestyle practice. 
I, always looking for the quick fix, tortured her with several “cleanses” which amounted to weight gained and gagging.  I, too, had had it.  Jeans so tight, they cut off your circulation can tend to put you in a mood. 
Like so many Italians, I find comfort from food for any occasion. 
Sick, eat. 
Stressed, eat.
Happy, eat. 
Sad, eat. 
Bored, eat. 
Busy, eat. 
I always find time to eat.    
If I didn’t have Angie creating these delicious, nutritious, satisfying  paleo dishes, I would have failed….epically. She has found a way to make every single favorite cheat food paleo for us.  EVEN PIZZA! 

Trust me, I dream about sipping on a perfect martini, while grazing on a perfect cheese board and then following that up with sharing pizza, but eating Paleo gives me more energy and I don’t feel bloated. And no bloat equals no jeans cutting off my circulation which makes me feel fan-f**king-tastic! . Trust me, Paleo is bringing sexy back one power plate at a time.   – –  Jeanine 

bison meatball sliders. 
marinated eggplant rounds topped with plum tomato sauce,
almond milk mozzarella and fresh spinach pesto
Paleo. Whole30.
chili sweet tater spud. 
our slowly simmered brisket chili, almond milk cheddar,
paleo ranch and pickled red onion
Paleo.  Whole30.
paleo power plate. 
our 14-hr. smoked beef brisket, side salad with paleo ranch or
avocado oil and vinegar, today’s seasonal veggie
Paleo. Whole30.
classic chicken caesar paleo-style. 
chopped fresh romaine, our play on decadent caesar, roasted spaghetti squash, nutritional yeast and flat-iron seared and sliced Baffoni chicken cutlets
Paleo. Whole30.
sweet potato hummus platter. 
oven roasted sweet potatoes, soom tahini, fresh lemon and olive oil, crisp and crunchy fresh veggie sticks, pepperoncini, olive tapenade, chunks of ripe avocado, red peppers agro dolce, our toasted paleo “chips”
Paleo. Vegan.
buffalo chicken sweet tater spud. 
grilled,  chopped and spicy buffalo tossed Baffoni chicken thighs, fajita style peppers & onions, almond milk mozzarella, paleo ranch and freshly squished guacamole
Paleo.  Whole30.

In this crazy, high-speed world we live in, sometimes healthier choices lose out to options of convenience. Blackie’s entire menu* is available for take out. From salads to sandwiches, gluten free and paleo options, we’ll pack it up and you’ll be on your way lickity-split! Take a peak at our menus and give us a call at (401) 231-4777. 
*Jaswell’s apple crisp and pumpkin pannacotta are not available to go

paleo power plate.
extra lean, grass-fed bison burger, zoodles pomodoro, baby spinach
Paleo.  Whole30.
bbq spud sweet tater spud. 
stuffed with griddled and bbq glazed steak tips, mushrooms and smoked shallots, hearty greens and a splash of beef demi
Paleo.  Whole30.
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