blackie’s top dogs for february: matt & sherry castino

castinoLet’s meet the Castino’s ….

What are your favorite things about coming to Blackie’s?
Sherry: Everything! We love, love LOVE the staff. We love the atmosphere, décor, food, and of course the drinks! My love affair with Blackie’s all started with the Blackie’s Pair martini.

What are your favorite items to order?
Sherry: Hands down the Buffalo Chicken Dip!
Matt: I love to get the Blackie’s Burger with fried jalapenos…and the Hurdy Gurdy, the Fish Sangwich and the Fried Pickles too.

How would you describe Blackie’s to a newbie?
Sherry: The atmosphere is chicly casual, the food is excellent and the service is stellar!
Matt: You guys know everyone by name and that makes you feel special.