blackie’s top dogs for september: lou & roberta ricci

blackie's september top dogs: lou & roberta ricci

What is your favorite thing about coming to Blackies?
Roberta: The staff is so friendly and they always try to accommodate your every wish. Before we even sit down, our drinks are ready!
Lou: We love the ambiance and the relaxed atmosphere.

What are your favorite items to order?
Roberta: I love the Salmon Salad and the Miso Buttered Spaghetti.
Lou: The Steak and Patatas and the Nashville Hot Chicken are really good too.
Roberta: And the Asian Tuna and the Drunken Clams…everything is so good! That’s why we always keep coming back!

How would you describe Blackie’s to a newbie?
Lou: Quality, unique pub food.
Roberta: There’s no other place around quite like it.